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Thank you for taking time to visit our page. My name is Joe Rinehart and I’m the proud owner of Rinehart Realty Inc. My career in real estate began in 2006, both as an investor and realtor. In 2011, I opened Rinehart Realty, a locally owned real estate agency focused on providing homeowners a perfect balance between modern-day savings and a traditional full-service.  As your real estate professional, I will take you on an efficient, value-drive journey while truly redefining what it means to be a real estate professional. From sign up to sign down, I will facilitate every single aspect of your home sale including a complete list of targeted home improvements, preparing your home for an optimal launch on the market. In fact, I am so confident in my ability to win you your asking price that I will incur all home preparation and staging costs as an out-of-pocket expense. On a personal level, I have a true love for life, a desire to help others, and a pure dedication to everything I do. My market knowledge is unsurpassed, and I have a fair and welcoming personality that have been a huge asset when it comes to negotiating for my clients. So, if you’re in the market, feel free to reach out and let’s chat. I’d love to help!



Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to real estate, learning is paramount to any portfolio.  At Rinehart Realty we strive to keep you informed as to what’s going on in the Real Estate market.

Volkswagen plant will add to growing housing crunch in London and St. Thomas, Ont.

While interest rate hikes have slowed the housing market in London and St. Thomas, it is not likely to last long.

And, the president of the London St. Thomas Association of Realtors said the spring rush is not the only reason.

Am I ready to buy a home? Questions to ask before entering the housing market

Entering the housing market is viewed by many Canadians as an attractive choice, both financially and for the security of having a home to call your own.

The goal is common enough, but the how and when are trickier. How do you know when the timing is right to jump to owning from renting or living with family?

What’s affecting Canada’s real estate and housing market?

Thinking about buying or selling a home in Canada? These seven factors will shape the housing market this year.

For real estate, spring is typically a busy time. Many home owners list their houses for sale at this time to capitalize on the warmer weather and the spike in interest from prospective buyers…