Most Frequently Asked Questions
How does your 2.5% work?

We absorb the entire discount, offering 2% commission to a Buyer’s Agent while charging as low as 0.5% for our listing and marketing services. *Call for more details, some conditions may apply.

 Are you a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage? 

Yes! Rinehart Realty is dedicated to professionally marketing your home, showing your home to prospective buyers, holding open houses, handling all inquiries, negotiating on your behalf and making all closing arrangements with your lawyer.

Do you advertise my home in the Greater Toronto Area?

Yes! Our extensive marketing plan expands to GTA and across the country. Once establishing a selling strategy, your home will be syndicated to 20+ prominent Real Estate websites including all of our paid social media.

How do you compare to other traditional Realtors?  

We’re full time, experienced Realtors who SELL a lot of homes! Our busy status gives us a better understanding of our job including the timing of the market. This is especially important for those buying and selling. The Rinehart team also shares 25+ years experience in BOTH sales and marketing!

How do you compare to a discount/flat fee company? 

There is virtually no situation in which you will pay just a flat fee to sell your home – with one exception. That would be if you or the listing agent was able to secure the buyer. They would thus be representing both buyer and seller in the transaction. In most cases, this almost never occurs, and many discount companies down play or fail to mention this key component. Also, when hiring Rinehart Realty seller’s are confident they have a local expert who has their home advertised/networked with their local Real Estate board.

Do you co-operate with Buyer Agents?   

Absolutely! Realtors work with the most qualified and determined buyers in the market place! At Rinehart Realty, we offer 2% commission on all listings.

So where do we start?

Let us put your mind at ease! Call us or fill out the form below and arrange a personal listing consultation where we can discuss how to best position your home, stage your home or offer minor adjustments that can add value to your property!

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