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“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking” Albert Einstein

Rinehart Realty RecruitAre you a Realtor looking to grow your business? It can be tough, it’s hard-enough competing against other Realtors, let alone sellers wanting to “do it themselves”, so how do you break through the clutter? What makes a good Realtor great? Some would say relationship building is the corner tone to one’s success, others will preach that it’s customer service. Both are great in theory, but what really gets you business?

Like any other business, if there’s nothing sell, there is no customer! In the case of Real Estate, listings are critical to your business. Listings NOT ONLY generate an abundance of leads, they give you an opportunity to advertise your services, and when you have a steady flow of marketed properties, they help establish you as an experienced professional in your area.

So How Can We Help?

Operating as an independent Brokerage gives us the freedom to innovate to our highest potential. When you eliminate the shackles and financial obligations of a traditional franchise, it’s truly amazing what you can do with your business. We want to share this with you!

At Rinehart Realty, we sell homes for as low as 2.5% TOTAL commission. In fact, our ability to publicly promote this incentive has been key to our success! For example, lawn signs create a lot of buzz! Just think of a “mini billboard” promoting a special offer to thousands in a prospective neighborhood. Forget about cold calling or door knocking to meet new customers! Positioning yourself to be in “High Demand” is the best way to get the conversation started. If you’re looking to list more homes, obtain more leads and increase your income potential, then Rinehart Realty can absolutely work for you!

Do I have to charge 2.5%?

Yes & No! We ONLY  mandate 2.5% for those buying and selling. For clients only looking to sell, Realtors will have the freedom and flexibility to negotiate their own commission rate.

How does your lawn sign benefit me?

We believe an effective lawn sign should generate YOU leads and NOT your Real Estate Brokerage! When joining the Rinehart team, you will have the opportunity to personalize your lawn sign with a photo and phone number as the main contact.

How do I get listings?

It’s no different! Only easier! Leads generated from personal referrals, lawn signs, private sellers, social media and Google are just a few ways to increase your listing volume.

What are my Fees?

Aligning yourself with a traditional brokerage often means expensive franchise fees, desk fees and high commission splits. When joining the Rinehart team, there are NO franchise fees, desk fees, monthly fees or high commission splits. We even cover ALL your listings costs including photography, sign installation, lockboxes and social media advertising.

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